Winemaking Team

Gloria Ferrer VP Production Mike Crumly


Vice President Production

Walking the vineyards with Gloria Ferrer VP Production Mike Crumly is an instructive and inspirational experience, allowing one to appreciate his thoughtful observations and sense of stewardship over the Ferrer family estate. His awareness of nature around him is uncanny — point out an eagle on the hillside and he knows its habits, as he knows every corner of the property. His encouragement of biodiversity on the estate and the institution of sustainable vineyard practices are a natural extension of Mike’s love of nature. As VP production, Mike is responsible for overseeing production operations, from the vineyard through the entire production process.

Mike Crumly with Executive Winemaker Bob Iantosca, his colleague of almost 25 years, has planted and tended the well-balanced vineyards of Gloria Ferrer from the ground up. Their collaboration, distinguished by meticulous clonal trials and groundbreaking research, continues to have a profound effect on the expression of the vineyard-driven sparkling and estate varietal wines of Gloria Ferrer.

A native of California, Crumly holds a degree in zoology from U.C. Santa Barbara and a degree in viticulture from U.C. Davis, where he also studied enology. Postgraduate research in canopy management with the renowned viticulturist Dr. Mark Kliewer and subsequent vineyard work in New Zealand further shaped his winegrowing philosophy — one that is defined by a commitment to nurturing balanced vines.

Crumly spends much of his leisure time fly-fishing and hunting duck and pheasant.


Executive Winemaker

Bob Iantosca has created more award-winning California sparkling wines than any other single winemaker. His vision and desire for challenge were revealed to the Ferrer family in the 1980s, when searching for available Pinot Noir clones led him initially to clonal trials on the estate vineyard with VP Production Mike Crumly, and eventually to visits to Champagne for greater research. Twenty years later, he is an undisputed expert in heritage vine selections. With the support of the Ferrer family and their Old World approach to winemaking, complemented by his close collaboration with Mike Crumly, Bob has cultivated Gloria Ferrer’s estate vineyards from 20 to 335 acres, experimented with some 20 Chardonnay and Pinot Noir selections, and led the winery to expand its repertoire to include intensely flavorful cool-climate estate varietal wines.

Bob Iantosca’s wife, Julia, is also a winemaker. They live in Santa Rosa, where their professions extend into their personal lives with the cultivation of more than six acres of Pinot Noir. When not making wine, Iantosca enjoys spending time with their daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth, mountain biking, steelhead fishing, and outdoor cooking.

Winemaker Steven Urberg



Steven Urberg’s finely tuned sense of focus, passion for detail, and strong science background are indispensable in crafting Gloria Ferrer sparkling and estate varietal wines. As a young man from Detroit, who came to California by way of U.C. Berkeley for graduate school in chemistry, Steven discovered that winemaking provides a way in which to use his innate technical ability in creating wine as an art.

His journey into winemaking began in 1995, when he decided to take a break from chemistry. He was offered a job at the Hess Collection, working in the cellar, and he never looked back. “The excitement of that first harvest at the Hess Collection inspired me to take a left turn from the path of chemistry research, return to graduate school at U.C. Davis, and pursue my new passion of winemaking,” says Urberg.

With his tremendous ability for hard work and focus, Steven Urberg integrates his scientific background with inspired artistry in crafting elegant and balanced Gloria Ferrer sparkling and estate varietal wines.. The diverse array of clones planted on the Gloria Ferrer estate vineyards, married with the Carneros terroir, result in a palate of flavors that is a dream come true to a scientist with an artistic bent.

Clearly, Steven has the discipline and talent required to create the Gloria Ferrer wines that are true expressions of the Carneros region — sparkling and estate varietal wines — vintage to vintage.

When not making wine, Steven enjoys cooking, entertaining, woodworking, and gardening.