Oroya Created for Sushi

A Wine Crafted for Sushi
The explosion of sushi around the globe is proof of an unprecedented level of consumer interest in Japanese cuisine. Once restricted to the selection of beer or sake with sushi, savvy diners from Tokyo to Manhattan are choosing wine as the perfect accompaniment to their sushi experience. Oroya complements each sushi taste element with surprising versatility and never overpowering the flavors in the food.

Oroya: A Cross-Cultural Synthesis
The result of winemaker Yoko Sato's personal quest to find the ideal wine for sushi, Oroya represents the fusion of two cultural treasures and traditions: Japanese food and Spanish wine.

With its complex flavors, sushi and its accompanying ingredients require a wine that is crisp, aromatic and fruit-forward. Crafted from three unique grape varieties, Oroya is a model wine for sushi enthusiasts.