Top Argentina Value Wine Brand of the Year
Wine and Spirits, June 2011

Wherever you wander in this world, the musical folk poetry of a people are often sung with accordions. From nostalgic French ballads, romantic Italian arias, cheerful German polkas to sultry Argentine tangos, their soulful songs enchant our senses. They bring us together in a joyful, shared communion. We created Acordeón wines in hopes of doing the very same thing. Salud!

In Argentina the wine regions are of continental climate, where the main influence comes from the Andes rather than the ocean. Irrigation by the numerous rivers that carry water from the Andes makes the region fertile and rich. Wines show an amazing fruit character when grown at a high altitude, as is the case in certain wine regions of Mendoza where our vineyards are located.

Our old vines and exceptional location are within the most prestigious appellations of Mendoza: Tupungato and La Consulta.

José Antonio Montilla and Miquel Salarich together make up the winemaking team of the Freixenet vineyard and production operations in crafting some of the best wines Argentina has to offer.