Cava & Food

Many of us enjoy a glass of bubbly for special occasions. Yet cava’s amazing flexibility makes it one of the most food-friendly wines out there. So break out that bottle we know you have in your fridge, pop open the cork and enjoy it with whatever you’re having tonight – from popcorn to fish tacos to spicy Thai take-out.

Cavas offer gentle acidity, giving the sparkling wines a clean, crisp feel in the mouth - ideal for sweeping away clinging fattiness and preparing the palate for another bite of food. Floral, citrus, and mineral notes are very refreshing and work to complement, not overpower, the flavors of the food. Cava is relatively low in alcohol, which allows it to pair well with spicier foods since the heat of the spice is not amplified by the heat of the alcohol. And the bubbles in cava serve to reawaken the taste buds while adding texture to the overall dining experience!

Pairing Cava with Food

Sparkling wines have a higher acidity and lower sugar levels than table wines. These two extremes complement elements in almost any food, from smoked fish to spicy Asian take-out. There are very few foods that don’t pair well with cava and usually lean towards the super sweet desserts.

Cava often has a slightly lower acidity level than many champagnes, giving it a softer, smoother palate that works with the sugar levels to offset the fattiness of sautéed and fried foods.

For cavas with higher sugar levels, their fruitier palates compliment poultry and pork as well as many light desserts. Cavas with a fruitier palate are best paired with sweet/sour dishes – the flavors of the cava will bring out the flavors of the dish and vice versa. Extra dry cavas, with their sweeter palates, are excellent companions for appetizers and Asian foods.