Deakin Estate - Sustainability

While some say that the red, stony clay of Australia’s fabled Red Cliffs region is the heart and soul of the Deakin story, others say that Deakin’s commitment to its single-vineyard source is equally important. Only the highest quality fruit is harvested and never from an outside vineyard.

At Deakin Estate we strive to be industry leaders in sustainable winegrape production. Our aim is to achieve the best from the vineyards while sustaining their fragile environment. We have a mutual relationship with the environment using best practice production methods, ensuring that we sustain other species and organisms – flora and fauna – with whom we share our space. Through management strategies we and the vineyards become mutual beneficiaries.

Sustainable Practices

Water Management

Since our environment is semi-arid in nature; we understand our landforms' history and manage our inputs extensively with high-tech monitoring tools and computer models. Winery waste water is recycled through an extensively managed rotation crop system. It removes water through evapotranspiration and nutrition accumulations by recycling bulk matter to stock feed.

Land Management

We have locked in 40ha of land that will never be used for farming. Planted with endemic flora from the region this creates natural corridors for native fauna such as Kangaroos, the Regent parrot, Cockatiels and more of our local friends.

We use all of the resources available to prevent wind and water erosion using practices such as minimal tillage and recycling of winery waste to enhance soil properties.

Waste Management

The winery recycles its grape seeds and pulp which is collected and taken for tartaric acid extraction to a local facility. The unused portion of the waste is returned to the site and recycled into the cultural practices performed on the vineyard.

Our reliance on chemicals has dramatically reduced over the years. Deakin Estate employs a full time Technician to monitor Pest and Disease populations, and populations of what we call 'Good Bugs' that complement our management programs.

Lightweight Bottles

All Deakin Estate still wines are now produced in bottles that are 'Lean+Green®'. The process to make these bottles takes out considerable weight, energy and water consumption from each bottle but maintain the proportions and premium image brand Deakin Estate requires.

The bottles have the following features:
• Lighter in weight, by between 18% and 21%.
• Narrower bottle dimensions and smaller carton size. This means a reduction in weight of shipments

At Deakin Estate we're very pleased to be moving forward with these great innovations that will improve our sustainability. We're pleased to wear the Lean+Green® logo on our bottles as a sign of striving to better our product to consumers and improve our sustainability for the future.