Sparkling Wine Tips

Freixenet Sparkling Wine

Storage & Stemware

To experience the true complexity of the wine as well as the most bubble trails, use stemware that is kept at room temperature, not chilled. Well rinsed and dried tall flutes or tulip shaped glasses are generally the best for this.

Place the wine in an ice bucket for 30 minutes. Open only chilled wine and never shake the bottle.

Loudly popping the cork out of the bottle can be festive but hazardous, and it can end up wasting the precious wine inside! These step by step instructions will ensure your bubbly ends up in your glass, not all over the floor.

Pouring and Serving Sparkling Wine

  1. Serve in clean, dry stemware at room temperature, tall flutes or tulip glasses are recommended. Glasses that have been chilled may inhibit the forming of bubble trails.

  2. Refrigerate for 30 minutes prior to serving.

  3. When ready to open, remove the foil and loosen the wire cage around the cork. Hold the cork firmly— there are up to 90 lbs. of pressure in a good méthode champenoise sparkler like Gloria Ferrer Brut.

  4. With the cage loose but in place, tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle and, while still holding the cork, gently twist the bottle. Be sure it's not pointing at anyone or cover with a protective cloth.

  5. Ease the cork out by twisting the bottle until you hear a soft "sigh", telling you the wine is ready for you to enjoy.