VOVETI - Collavini winery

While the grapes for VOVETI are predominantly sourced from Veneto's most prized Prosecco vineyards, the wine is vinted in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, widely regarded as the home of Italy's most respected white wines. Freshness, crisp acidity, delicate balance and finish are the hallmarks of Friulian winemaking.

At the Eugenio Collavini Viticoltori winery, located in Friuli's prestigious Colli Orientali region, Walter Bergnach oversees winemaking for VOVETI Prosecco. Full berry clusters are gently pressed and the juice undergoes slow cooled fermentation, which. This preserves the grape's delicate aromatics and freshness. The first fermentation in stainless steel occurs over 10 days at 12C (54F), with aging on the lees lasting until winter. The second fermentation takes place over four months in contact with the lees at less than 14C (57F) in stainless steel surge tanks. Periodic swirling "remouage" imparts complexity and the formation of a notably fine and fragrant mousse.